Complementary Triathlon Coaching


Do you want to race a triathlon or improve your level of fitness?  Do you struggle to find time to commit to your health or take on the challenge of triathlon training?

Many people get involved in triathlon for lots of different reasons; whether seeking better fitness, needing a new challenge, looking to mix up a workout routine, desiring to lose weight, wanting to try something new or different, or even just because "everyone's doing it". Fill in the blank with your reason, because we each have a unique attraction to this sport.

Whether your first sprint distance event or your um-teenth full-iron distance, racing a triathlon is, or can be an exhilarating experience.  That being said, there is a lot of work that goes into being prepared for race day in order to meet the challenges of the race.  The training and preparation for the event can be equally as enjoyable and serve many additional purposes as you log countless hours and burned calories of sweat. But balance is imperitive when trying to find the time to dedicate to such a pursuit.

Regardless of your particular reason for becoming a triathlete, the distance of the race you are out to accomplish, or your level of competitiveness, there is an individualized coaching plan and strategy for everyone.  And unfortunately for 100% of triathletes, even the professionals, this training plan must be balanced with all of life's simultaneous challenges: work, child care, raising kids, helping with homework, family time, sleep, health problems, social life, eating/cooking, resting/recovering, constantly changing schedules, religious commitments, fitness, commuting, other hobbies, etc. 

It is my goal to provide Complementary triathlon coaching, in which together we:

1.  Establish your goals and objectives for training and/or racing,

2.  Determine as many of your life's additional commitments, obligations and stressors as possible,

3.  Create an attainable training plan and strategy,


4.  Complete the process together (monitoring your progress along the way)- without losing focus on all of life's other commitments.

I am a USA Triathlon Certified Level I coach, avid age group triathlete and marathoner, husband, and medical professional with an interest in Sports Medicine.  I face many of the same challenges as other triathletes.  I am not a dietician, but I can assist in your efforts at weight loss or improved fitness by empowering you with a plan and the tools needed to meet your body's needs.  I can also help you to become a better eater, and more aware of your body's needs in order to train and race at your best. 


Complementary Triathlon Coaching is all about finding the balance between life's "want to do's" with the "have to do's". 

Please do a little homework and browse this website to see if and how I might be able to assist you.  Contact me with any questions or feedback.  If you would like to entertain the idea of working together to meet your athletic pursuits, please complete the survey under "Contact Us" and email the form to me.  I would very much enjoy being a part of your triathlon journey or fitness plan, and can design a personalized training program to meet your needs.